Easter Service and Lunch

Easter Sunday Reflection
The Pastor opened the door for me

How much more welcome could one feel?

In rushing to get my program and get inside, I almost missed Caitlyn.

Pay Attention:

I see Terry remove the banner “He Is Risen” and take it to the narthex.

Something is about to happen.

I know someone will bring it back, for that is what today is about. He is risen indeed!

Joshua played the theme from 2001 a space odyssey.

Prepare to be astonished.

What a great tribute to a mysterious happening.

I was engaged in the readings, the music and the sermon.

I gladly went home to share this with the family coming to my home.

I tell them what they missed, trying to do it justice.

We sit down to our meal and hold hands.

I pray.

Thank you LORD GOD for this day.

For loving us this much.

For peace of mind and connection.

For the knowledge that You are with us and that we will be with You.

For the gift of life.

Bless this food Lord and I pray that we carry on Your new commandment, to love one another as You have loved us.

What a wonderful day Lord.

In Jesus name,


Gracie Subasavage


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