My Works are from Him (thank Him, not me)

I sit here and ponderMy life and my walk

I sit here and wonder

If I I am worthy

I read and I meditate

I give and I listen

I pray and I worship

I thank and I appreciate

Lord, I still ponder

I sit and I wonder

How people can believe that’s enough

I could never do enough good

I could never show enough compassion

I realize and know for sure

My acts of kindness are nothing

Without You

So as I share and do Your work

I am going to say

Please, don’t thank me

I am not responsible for this good

My Lord is with me

He is here everyday

He leads me and shows me the way


Gracie Subasavage


He Calms Me

Father, thank you for the feelings you give meWhen I pray and know you are there

When I cry and you calm me

When I laugh and feel you smiling too

It is impossible to explain to others

Only the ones that experience it can understand.

The times I am praying and I realize You have it in your loving arms already

The comfort I feel at that time is overwhelming

Your faith and love are felt and appreciated today and always

You are here and helping

In Jesus name


Gracie Subasavage

It’s Hard To BelieveĀ 

It’s hard to believe

When you read about Noah

How all the animals came

Two by two

It’s hard to believe

When you read about Jonah

In the belly of a whale

And making it through

It’s hard to believe

The story of the lion’s den

And the fiery furnace

Until you open your heart

Until you open your mind

To the Savior

To the greatest gift

To the Holy Spirit of God

For with Him we can believe

we understand the mystery

With Him we see, for the light

Is brighter near Him

Gracie Subasavage


You are on the ship
and ready to go
You asked for good luck…
but I pray, you know
I pray for your safety
and calm seas
I pray for your team
and while on my knees
I pray for your health
and that you eat well
I pray for your feelings of separation
for I can tell
So I pray for good rest
and deep sleep at night
So that you can focus
and do your job right
Keep your eyes on Jesus
He is with you I know
The love that he gives
wherever you may go
He will guide and calm
provide and protect
Rest in his love
with Him please connect
For depending on Him is a comfort for me
Fair winds to you
and following seas

Gracie Subasavage

The Gift

When you accept Jesus
As a personal savior
You open a package
A really large gift
It is not hard to open
No ribbons or tape
It unfolds before you
It begins to create
The wonders and magic
A Genesis within
Your heart starts to soften
Something magical begins
The world seems different
It isn’t the same
The people aren’t foreign
They each have a name
He’s standing there with you
And urging you on
Not a tap on the shoulder
In your heart there’s a song
He whispers and nudges
He’s gentle that way
Can you do this for me
He gently will say
Will you gather things for them
Keep them warm and dry
Will you go there tomorrow
So they will not cry
Don’t worry about how
I’ll show you the way
I’ll give you the tools
We’ll conquer the day
Feed my sheep
And keep them warm
Make sure they are safe
Help me ease their storm
For I have given you plenty
And want you to see
That others are empty
And in need of Me
Give them the same gift
That I gave to you
I’ll open it for them
They will know me too
Keep listening daily
And watching by night
I am with you always
We have won the fight

Gracie Subasavage