See as You See

Father, thank You for my eyesight 

What an amazing gift

I can see Your creation

I can do my job

Appreciate nature

And Drive my car

I wake in the morning

And turn on the light

A song in my head

I stretch and recite

My morning routine is

Devoted to You

I pray and reflect

As the day is new

I sit here this morning

I realize 

As I write this down

I know

The eyes that You gave me

Are seeing

But, I question their sight

Am I seeing as You do

Lord do I see Your people

As You do?

Show me this world

Through Your eyes

Help me to see

As You see

Connect my heart to my eyes

After the lids are open

There must be another veil

Remove this veil Lord

So I can see

I want to love what I see

I want to feel compassion

Remove my predudices 

My superiority 

My unrealistic view

Open my eyes to Your world

Help me to see


Gracie Subasavage 


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