The line isn’t straight 

You look to the broken

You choose them to serve 

The least likely choice

There is always a curve

Your path isn’t straight 

The line is curved

We stop along the way

And do your will

Then curve around a task

And jump through a hoop

Fall down a hole

And crawl out

We get lost along the way

Maybe lack of focus

Distractions and wrong thoughts

You use them too

You know what is happening

And use it along the way

We apologize and bumble on

Back on track we find our way

You look on with pride

Like a parent watching a toddler

Try to walk

You see the good in us Lord

We point out the bad

You see the best in us

We can’t seem to get it straight 

What we don’t know

Is You straighten the line as we go

You are there

And we are learning

Thank You Father


Gracie Subasavage 


See as You See

Father, thank You for my eyesight 

What an amazing gift

I can see Your creation

I can do my job

Appreciate nature

And Drive my car

I wake in the morning

And turn on the light

A song in my head

I stretch and recite

My morning routine is

Devoted to You

I pray and reflect

As the day is new

I sit here this morning

I realize 

As I write this down

I know

The eyes that You gave me

Are seeing

But, I question their sight

Am I seeing as You do

Lord do I see Your people

As You do?

Show me this world

Through Your eyes

Help me to see

As You see

Connect my heart to my eyes

After the lids are open

There must be another veil

Remove this veil Lord

So I can see

I want to love what I see

I want to feel compassion

Remove my predudices 

My superiority 

My unrealistic view

Open my eyes to Your world

Help me to see


Gracie Subasavage 

You found Life

Your sweet loving daughter

Loves you so much

She found a way to save you

She removed your crutch
You chose to stay clean

And live your life right

You cared about others

And knew you should fight
Fight for sobriety

Fighting each day

Battling this illness

Changing your way
I am so proud of you

And hope you stay strong

The battle is bigger now

I pray they are wrong
The doctors have diagnosed

And a transplant you need

My prayers are lifted up

To the one that will heed
I am thankful you know Him

And that he knows you

The comfort that gives

Is what sees us through
I am glad you joined the church

The comfort is there

Love and compassion

Worship and care
I believe there is hope

I never let go

Prayer can save lives

God loves us so
Gracie Subasavage 

Easter Service and Lunch

Easter Sunday Reflection
The Pastor opened the door for me

How much more welcome could one feel?

In rushing to get my program and get inside, I almost missed Caitlyn.

Pay Attention:

I see Terry remove the banner “He Is Risen” and take it to the narthex.

Something is about to happen.

I know someone will bring it back, for that is what today is about. He is risen indeed!

Joshua played the theme from 2001 a space odyssey.

Prepare to be astonished.

What a great tribute to a mysterious happening.

I was engaged in the readings, the music and the sermon.

I gladly went home to share this with the family coming to my home.

I tell them what they missed, trying to do it justice.

We sit down to our meal and hold hands.

I pray.

Thank you LORD GOD for this day.

For loving us this much.

For peace of mind and connection.

For the knowledge that You are with us and that we will be with You.

For the gift of life.

Bless this food Lord and I pray that we carry on Your new commandment, to love one another as You have loved us.

What a wonderful day Lord.

In Jesus name,


Gracie Subasavage

Angry and Cold

I am angry and cold


Thank you Father for all that you give

You are more faithful than I

You are truth and love

I am lies and hate

I react and seethe

You see good and mold

I see selfishness and lack of consideration

You see your child misbehaving

I see someone that wronged me and my children

You see a lost child trying to crawl home

Help me Lord to see as you see

To love as you love

To forgive and let go of anger

Help me before I allow it to take over

Keep me from this anger and hatred

Hold me close and lead me

I need You more today than most

I cry out today for Your agape love

Fill me Lord

In Jesus Holy Name I pray


Gracie Subasavage

Counting Blessings

Counting blessings:
Lord, you are a blessing to us all

You dwell within us, helping us to see

We carry on in our human way

Stumbling and falling day by day

You are there to correct and direct

You are with us always

Many blessing I have

My children, my home, my church

But the one true blessing

In my life, is Your guidance and Your love

Thank you, Lord

Thank you, for loving me.


Gracie Subasavage

My Works are from Him (thank Him, not me)

I sit here and ponderMy life and my walk

I sit here and wonder

If I I am worthy

I read and I meditate

I give and I listen

I pray and I worship

I thank and I appreciate

Lord, I still ponder

I sit and I wonder

How people can believe that’s enough

I could never do enough good

I could never show enough compassion

I realize and know for sure

My acts of kindness are nothing

Without You

So as I share and do Your work

I am going to say

Please, don’t thank me

I am not responsible for this good

My Lord is with me

He is here everyday

He leads me and shows me the way


Gracie Subasavage